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Class Name: Swifts


Our topic for this term has a science focus question which is 'How different will you be when you are as old as your grandparents?'

We will be investigating how we have changed from babies to now, what we should do to keep our bodies fit and healthy, looking at how our bodies will change as we get older (puberty) and considering how we would like to be remembered as we get older.

We also have a local history topic 'What has Brinsley got to do with coal mining?'  We will be learning about the history of coal mining in the UK, and in particular in Brinsley and Nottinghamshire.  If you have any family history with mining  please get in touch to share it, as the children find it fascinating and it brings real meaning to our work.




Welcome to Year Five!

We hope that your child enjoys being a Swift!
Bubble Closure 

Should Year 5's bubble have to close, all work will be delivered paperless via Seesaw which can be accessed at Your child’s class teacher will provide you with a code. There will be daily face to face opportunities with the class teacher to discuss work set. We will endeavour to provide the children with content as close to that which they would have been doing in class- although some adaptations will inevitably need to be made. 


Home Learning/ short notice school closure

Should your child be absent but are not officially isolating due to symptoms or advice from Public Health England or the NHS, below are a list of useful websites in which you can access in order to provide your child with age appropriate work.



White Rose Home Leaning:


Top Marks:

Maths is Fun:



BBC Home Learning:

Bug Club: (your child will have been given an access code)



Maths Homework

Maths homework is given out on a Friday, to be completed by the following Friday. Children receive a dojo point for returning homework on time.

The homework will be based on the activities that we have done in class that week, and it is a chance for children to practise what they have learnt and consolidate their learning.

Children are able to have extra help or just a chance to complete homework during lunchtimes.

Homework will also be available online via Seesaw.

English Homework

We encourage children to read at home with an adult. This reading can be anything from a novel to a shopping list. We ask that a record of this is noted in your child's reading record book.

Children are encouraged to access Bug Club on the website for extra reading and comprehension skills. They should have their login written in the front of their reading record.



Children will be given a list of age-related spellings. Spellings will be given out each week on a Friday and tested on the following Friday. As well as learning the words, it would be useful for children to have a go at putting these into sentences (this does not have to be written down).

Times Tables

Times tables are a crucial part of maths, underpinning everything that we do, so I would strongly recommend regular practise. 

Children have their own log in to Times Tables Rockstars which we encourage the children to access regularly, at home and at school.

The following website also has suitable games for children to practise their times table facts too. (Hit the Button is particularly popular with the children!)


PE this term is on a Monday and a Tuesday.  Children should come to school wearing their PE kit on both these days.

Earrings need to be removed or taped over for lessons.

We will continue to take part in the Daily Mile, weather permitting.


Water Bottles

Children are encouraged to bring water bottles with them to school each day; they will have access to them throughout lessons but will remain in the class at lunch time.  You may wish to send an extra drink in their lunchbox.

Healthy Snacks

We encourage your children to bring healthy snacks into school such as fruit, vegetables, cereal bars, crackers etc.



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