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Lorraine Berry                        

Chair of Governors

Welcome to Brinsley Primary and Nursery School

Our Governing Body is made up of representatives from parents, the Local Authority and individuals who can offer specific skills and advice. We are closely involved in the strategic development and financial management of the school as we are legally required.

The Governing Body of Brinsley Primary and Nursery School is committed to working closely with Mr Osprey, the Head Teacher. We are keen to ensure that all children who attend the school receive a high quality of education, that they are safe, healthy and that each child makes progress throughout their time at Brinsley Primary and Nursery School. We do this by constantly supporting and challenging the Management and Staff.

The Governing Body meet twice per term to formulate the strategic planning, budgeting and to overview the implementation of school policies. In addition, many of the Governors help within the school, working in the classrooms, helping with reading and introducing outside organisations to provide voluntary support.

The Governing Body regularly meet and talk to parents, the children and staff so that we are able to monitor progress to support the staff in maintaining the high standards of education the school is achieving.

On a personal level, I bring different skills to the school from a business life as an IT Consultant and I care passionately about the welfare of all involved in our school.

Should you be considering sending your child to our school in the future, you are encouraged to contact the Head Teacher to arrange a visit to our school so you can see the staff and pupils working hard and enjoying their time at Brinsley Primary and Nursery School.

Michelle Scrimshaw

I have been a Co-Opted School Governor for 12 years and have been a member of staff here for 17 years. I am proud to be a part of the Brinsley team to create a welcoming, inspiring and secure school.

Vicky Syson

I am a Co-Opted School Governor because I believe that all children deserve the best possible opportunities to flourish and achieve their potential through their learning journey at our school. As a Governor I aim to ensure a rich, creative and vibrant curriculum is vigorously pursued, implemented and accessible to all, that children are equipped with lifelong skills to ensure their well-being, health, knowledge and understanding of the wider world is developed during their time at Brinsley and for years to come.

As a Governor I am keen to ensure successful school development through strategic planning which includes making sound financial decisions which supports the long term development of the whole school community. I enjoy seeing the positive impact that the Governing Body make to the ongoing progress at Brinsley Primary and Nursery School. I am proud to be a School Governor.

Danielle Sowerby

I am a Co-opted School Governor and hope that my background as a commissioner in the NHS will lend transferable skills to my role. I have two children attending the school and am also a Parish Councillor in Brinsley. As such, I am keen to build links in the community and contribute to the future of Brinsley Primary and Nursery School and see all the children flourish.

Sara Holland

I have been a Co-Opted School Governor since 2015 with two children currently at Brinsley Primary and Nursery School. I work full time as a patent attorney in the city centre.

I am a firm believer in the importance of having a good, solid education (both academic and personal) from a young age, which provides children with the confidence to stretch their abilities and become well-rounded, aspirational individuals. In my role as a Parent Governor at the school I support fellow Governors, the head and other teachers and staff to bring out the best in our children and ensure that all children are given every chance at success.

In the short time since becoming a Parent Governor I have witnessed the pupils and staff pull together and work as a team to raise standards and attainment within the school, which has been supported by a committed team of Governors and is a trend that we expect to see maintained, despite tight financial pressures.

As a patent attorney with a background in scientific research and through my link role with the Science leader I hope to ensure that the children of Brinsley have the chance to experience science in all of its many forms. I also aim to focus on ensuring that all children of Brinsley have confidence in themselves.

Lucy Mcintyre-Sowter 

I have been a Parent Governor at Brinsley Primary and Nursery School since 2017 and I have three children who currently attend the school.

Until the arrival of my third child I worked as an Account Manager and currently I am a full-time Mum.

I became a Parent Governor as I am passionate about children receiving a fully, varied and happy education within a safe environment and wanted to contribute to the school by offing my support in a practical way. I believe may of my professional skills which included appraising and managing a team are transferable to my role as Governor.

Since becoming a Parent Governor I have been pleased to be a part of a strong core team who are committed to helping pupils develop both academically and personally to raise the high standards of the school on a whole.

Fiona Bates

I play a dual role in Brinsley Primary and Nursery School as both a Staff Governor and a parent. I have also been a Parent Governor in my previous school for several year and I am keen to share my experience with Brinsley Primary and Nursery School. I have two daughters currently at the school. It is important to me that I play a role in ensuring our school is a welcoming, caring and forward thinking place for our children to thrive and reach their full potential.

Lauren Mee

I joined the Governing Body as a Parent Governor in 2020. I am a Mother of 4 children, three of whom are currently pupils at Brinsley Primary and Nursery School. 

In my past I have achieved a BA Honours Degree in Primary Education in which I specialised in the Early Years, so I hope I can draw on this experience to help enable the school to deliver a full and rich curriculum throughout each stage. As an ex military family, my eldest child attended 5 different Primary School as we were posted around the country, we have experienced positive and negative aspects along the way. I feel that I can use these experiences to share good practice with Brinsley. I also have a particular interest in SEND. Having a child on the Autistic Spectrum I have understand in some of the challenges in securing a diagnosis, additional funding and support, I understand the importance of supporting families through this.

I firmly believe that each and every child should feel safe, heard, valued and achieve their full potential during their time at Brinsley, and the years ahead.



If you are interested in becoming a School Governor please inform the school office.  


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